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Strong AI development --- overview

By Dennis Gorelik.

Technical information

Know-how - key ideas about design and implementation of strong AI.


False ways in AIS development - Many people tried to develop Artificial Intelligence. But strong AI is not implemented yet. Why? - Because many researchers use wrong approaches in developing AI. “False ways...” page describes several typical mistakes in AI development.


If you want to create your own AIS - read the article: “How to start AIS development”.


AI Philosophy

Want to know what will and won’t happen when Strong AI is developed? Read: Consequences of AIS development.

Strong AI has several fundamental advantages over human being. Read: “Advantages of artificially crafted intelligent system”.

Strong AI has weaknesses too. Do you want to know about your fundamental advantages over the piece of a metal? Read: “Weaknesses of strong AI”.



Questions and answers.

References – external AI resources.

AI learning summary, day 1 – This short summary was written by Franka Reena based on 2 hours conversation about strong AI.

Pick one of AI prototypes ideas – which prototype do you like the most?