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Weaknesses of AIS

In comparison with humanís body (and brain) AIS would have both advantages and weaknesses. In this article I consider AISíes weaknesses.

Enjoy your fundamental advantages over piece of metal J:

Sorry, but list of AI weaknesses currently consists only of one element. Please, email me your versions of AI weaknesses.



David Sanders emailed me his versions of AIS weaknesses:

David Sanders: AIS cannot exist (for now) without humans. 

Dennis Gorelik: Thatís not really a weakness, because time span of this weakness would be pretty short. Right now strong AI systems exist only in our dreams. :-)

Within ~20 years of creating strong AI, many AISes would be able to survive without humans. Please, note that AISes would not kill humans. There would be benefits of human-AISes collaboration for all sides. This is completely different topic though. :-)


David Sanders: [AISes] Notable to perceive like a human.  They cannot hear, see, feel, taste or smell like a human.

Dennis Gorelik: Not true. Only first and limited versions of AISes wouldnít be able to perceive like a human. Sensor devices are not too hard to implement. The major problem is implementation of Main Mind for AIS.


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