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AI development outcomes

(What will and won’t happen when strong AI developed?)

Life motivation

Let’s think a little: what will be the reason for artificial intelligent system to live? Why won’t it kill itself in order to stop to worry about anything?



Eventually AIs will be more intelligent than humans. Also artificially crafted systems are easy to clone, so successful artificial professionals will be mass cloned. That would dramatically increase speed of technical and social progress.

Human population

Human population growth is slowing down recent years. Within 50 years total quantity of people living on the Earth will achieve its maximum point. After that point quantity of humans will go down. Artificial Intelligence technologies will contribute to that:

-          Life of humans will become even better than it is now. So humans will not worry as much about aging and having children. Humans will have even more interesting things to do than to have children.

-          Humans will convert their mind into artificially crafted systems. It will be possible to put our minds into the future computers.

-          Artificial Intelligent Systems will be able to substitute children.

-          Human population will continue to decrease. Gradually human civilization will be replaced by AIS civilization.
At the same time human population won’t be ceased completely for a long time (at least hundreds of years). Human population won’t disappear soon because nobody will care about the humans. In particular almost nobody will try to eliminate humans.


Who is a person?

During transient process (from humans to AISes) laws will be modified. Definition of self-responsible person will be dramatically updated. Not only humans will be considered as intelligent systems.

In contrast to humans, artificial systems can be easily cloned. Such possibility will strongly affect the law. See: AIS civilization.



Artificial intelligent systems will make low-intelligent labor useless. It will happen because low-intelligent artificial systems will easily replace low-intelligent human labor. Artificial systems would become cheaper, more reliable, and have better performance.

“Strong intelligence” will become the most valuable skill.