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AI learning summary, day 1

I would like to give you a summary of what I have learned today:

1. Neurons and Axons

Memory of Strong AI is made of Neurons and Axons. Neurons in a data table represent individual concepts, and Axons represent the numerous relations between different concepts. Though the goal is to represent the human mind in a system, AI has the potential to supersede human memory limits and endurance (integration, iteration, interpolation). It can learn at faster speeds.


2. Goals

Every impulse in the system is completely goal-oriented. Goals can create the drive for the system to communicate effectively, collect data, or make decisions. Today, for the first time in my life, I have discovered what creativity is by definition. Creativity is when something has the ability to decipher the value of many good solutions, but decides on the solution that accomplishes the goal. It's not based on the opinion of what is "best." Based on the quantity of "satisfaction", "goal accomplishment", or "pleasure" points, the choice is easily made.


3. Self Awareness

AI can become self aware, but just as a human baby gains self awareness by experience, AI must do the same. In our case, self-awareness is developmental rather than instinctual. Therefore, it is possible for Strong AI to generate art!


This short summary was written by Franca Renna based on 2 hours conversation about strong AI.

(2004 Nov 27, Jacksonville, FL)