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Size of concept

Concept is a very small piece of information. Typically one real world object is represented by multiple concepts.

In strong AI all concepts are stored in Concept table. From this point of view a concept is just a small record (just few bytes). In a very simplified way concept is just a unique number (ConceptID).

You may ask: “How can such small piece of information carry information about the real world?” The answer is: “Concept alone cannot carry any essential information”. But concept with relations and with other related concepts can.


Concept becomes meaningful only if the concept has relations with other concepts.

A concept can be at the same time:

-         Cause concept for several effect concepts.

-         Effect concept for several cause concepts.

That means that at the same time concept may have many cause-effect relations with other concepts.



  1. Concept “Book” is an effect concept for “writing” concept.
  2. Concept “Book” is a cause concept for “reading” concept.


That means:

  1. Concept “Book” is the effect in {Writing -> Book} cause-effect relation.
  2. Concept “Book” is the cause in {Book -> Reading} cause-effect relation.



Motivation system

Concepts are tightly integrated with motivation system. One sub goal is embedded into every concept. Sub goal is represented by Concept.Desirability attribute. The more useful and desirable concept is the bigger Concept.Desirability value is.

Surface and abstract concepts

From interaction with the real world there are two types of concept:

- Surface concept.

- Abstract concept.

Surface concepts relate to hardcoded units.

Abstract concepts – have relations only with other concepts (and have no direct relations with hardcoded units).



Active concept

Concept may become an active concept.

It this case concept is temporary copied to the short memory (usually concepts are stored in main memory).

Formal definition of a concept

Concept is a general idea derived or inferred from outer world.

Concept is a notion of conceptual memory model.

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