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Reader prototype

Reader prototype is responsible for reading text.


From technical point of view reader prototype converts text thought into thought (in the short memory).


Let reader prototype gets text: “go out!”. Reader prototype splits the text into words: “go”, “out”, and “!”. Then reader prototype finds phrases: “go out”, “out!”, and “go out!”. All words and phrases are saved into the word dictionary and the phrase dictionary (if they were not saved there before). All concepts corresponding to the words and phrases (“go”, “out”, “!”, “go out”, “out!”, “go out!”) are activated (are put into the short memory). As a result a thought is created in the short memory.


Reader prototype is an essential part of chatter prototype.


Reader prototype Input:

Plain text


Reader prototype Output:

Updated Main Memory (concepts and relations)

Updated Word dictionary

Updated Phrase dictionary

Updated Text pair dictionary

Routines to implement:

- Read routine

- Forgetting routine



- Run through huge amount of text.

- Look for cause-effect relations.

- Look for other correlations.


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