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Reader prototype plan

  1. Find first statement.
  2. Find words in the statement. Activate the words.
    Put new words (if any) into the word dictionary.
  3. Find phrases in the statement. Activate the phrases.
    Put new phrases (if any) into phrase dictionary.
  4. Find text pairs:
    1. Find word pairs.
    2. Find phrase pairs.
    3. Find word-phrase and phrase-word pairs.
    4. Add new pairs in pair dictionary if necessary.
  5. Establish (or improve) cause-effect relations between all active concepts.
    Especially between concepts located nearby.
    Especially from preceding concept to following concept (we could use pair dictionary for this purpose).
  6. Apply forgetting to the short memory.
    1. Merge active concepts with concepts in the main memory.
    2. In the short memory:
      1. Decrease strength for every concept in short memory.
      2. Decrease strength for every relation in short memory.
      3. Remove active concepts (and active relations) with low “active memory strength” from the short memory.
  7. Find next statement.
  8. Continue with step 2.


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