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Event - something that takes place, an occurrence.

Event may happen either in outer world or in strong AI itself.

Strong AI knows only about events which are observed or fired by hardcoded units. So we will usually talk only about such observable events.


Example of events: earthquake, new email, thought, action.


Event may be registered into the main memory. In this case event is represented by a surface concept.

Event may result in thought.

Event may satisfy super goals (see: goal’s event).

Strong AI tries to find relations between action and event.

In order to find cause-effect relations strong AI assumes that action happened before is a cause of an event which happened after.

In other words: event happened after is an effect of an action that happened before.


Thanks to the cause-effect relations it is possible to predict what would happen as the result of current event (or action).


Strong AI sends chat message and gets response back. Then:

- “Find correlation between action and event” routine creates cause-effect relations between “send chat message” action and “chat message received” event.

- Strong AI learns that “send chat message” action usually leads to “chat message received” event.

- From this new knowledge Strong AI can deduct which action should be made if there is a need to receive chat message.


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