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Knowledge download

Knowledge download is one of two components of learning process (another component is Experiment).

Forms of Knowledge download

Natural language reading

Natural language text can be read by text parser. Extracted information can be put into the main memory.
Ability to read gives strong AI access to such information sources as electronic books, web pages, emails, chats, etc.

Special knowledge download

Software developers can create additional devices for Strong AI. Such devices can have its own data storage. There could be special algorithms which would collect and put external information into these special data storages.
special strong AI device may allow fast search on the web. Google’s index may be imported into such web-search device.

General knowledge download

Main memory can be updated with specially prepared chunks of data. For example, such chunks of data can be copied from one instance of strong AI to another. It may be useful to quickly copy knowledge from strong AI #1 that spent time in experimentations about topic XYZ into strong AI #2 which didn’t have XYZ experience yet.

Knowledge download and experiment

Knowledge download is very fast and powerful, but alone it is useless for learning process. After knowledge download strong AI needs to follow-up with some experiments. The reason for that is that in order to become useful, knowledge must be connected to goals and other hardcoded units.

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