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Concept-Relation ratio

Concept-Relation ratio is the total quantity of records in cause-effect relation table divided by total quantity of records in concept table.

Concept-Relation ratio should be ~40 (10 ... 70).

That means average concept has ~40 cause-effect relations with other concepts.

Concept-Relation ratio is used by Memory cleaner routine.


Concept-Relation ratio is a system parameter.



If main memory has 500 millions concepts and 10 millions cause-effect relations then Concept-Relation ratio = 50


Optimal axons/neurons ratio

I think it is good idea to have about 10 ... 70 relations for every concept (with average = 40). If there are too many relations then cause-effect relations table has be cleaned more intensively. If there are too little relations then relations should be created less intensively.


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